About Me



Thanks for stopping by my blog, my name is Manda and I’m happy to have you here! I’ve created this blog to basically be my online journal, a place where I can share my life and have as a little creative outlet! I named it “Just Manda” because these are the two words that follow-up immediately after I’ve met someone new. Most people think my name is really Amanda, usually the introductions happen like this; “Hi I’m so and so!” “Oh, nice to meet you, I’m Manda” , “Hi Amanda, nice to meet you!”, “No, it’s just Manda..no A at the beginning”! Now imagine this conversation happening over and over again your entire life! I don’t mind to too much though, the people I meet and myself usually have a good laugh over it.

I’m thirty-three years old and have lived with my boyfriend Peter for almost a year now!  We have two cats, Della and Jack and love exploring local cycling routes on the weekends! I go to school at night working towards my bachelors in psychology and work full time as an administrative assistant for a non profit, private school that supports children with autism and their families. I’m a big reader and also like to write my own short stories. When not working or studying I like to do the normal things like exercising, hanging out with my friends and family and relaxing with some Netflix playing in the background! I hope you enjoy this blog just as much as I’m enjoying creating it!